The Course Scientific Data Handling and Programming will give you the ability to form research questions and test our hypothesis with data keystone skill in science.This course will equip students to understand data collection and analysis in the context of research. The course Scientific Data Handling and Programming will be a practical guide to completing data collection and analysis for research with a “hands-on” approach.

Fundamental skills in R, Python, GIS, and other relevant computer programming languages will be discussed as tools to extract knowledge from the data. Statistical theory will be discussed in the context of problems students will encounter throughout the course to assure a comprehensive understanding without being overwhelmed.

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Course Scientific Data Handling
Key Facts

What I should know about Scientific Data Handling

Course duration

10 weeks 

Entry level

Open to all/Understanding level.

Lesson duration

2 hours per lecture + 1 hour assignment per week.

Course size

10 students In-classroom and 25 in a Virtual Classroom.

Course Timetable

Tuesday Evening and Saturday

Course fee

€1000 (Early Bird Registration 20% off).

Course Modules

What I will learn in Scientific Data Handling Course

  • Understanding experimental design
  • Understanding the data required to answer questions
  • Learning data collection methods
  • Building a database
  • Reading and writing data
  • Understanding dataset curation
  • In class exercises
  • Research mini-project on a topic chosen in class
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