Applied Sciences and Technology 

Science and technology (S&T) with full of ideas, knowledge and products have been dominating lives and the modern societies, either public, private or leisure sectors. Extensive understanding of the contents, methods, principles and applications of S&T and further insights at the highest level to shape the future in existing and new or emerging sectors of the modern labour market (such as health, food, agriculture, business, law and consumer), and able to respond positively to ongoing change is imperative. These include climate change, environmental and other issues/matters such as energy and traffic. Above all, the citizens should be equipped with S&T dimension and intellectual tools to deal with political issues for the betterment of the community and the nation, and to judge expert’s opinions and arguments.

Lack of graduates and professionals in S&T subjects and thereby qualified work forces in industrial sectors and new researchers/qualified teachers in research institutions and universities is a growing global concern. Besides, limited professional fields in graduate programmes and university-industry interactions to shape and achieve envisioned learning outcomes and address the requirement of applied sciences to the professional fields are noticeable.

High standards of living are associated fundamentally with advances in S&T, and that education in schools, higher education, media and the public has been gaining momentum and giving importance in many countries. Empowerment at the grassroots level to maintain and enhance economic growth as well as  protect and conserve the natural environment becomes a growing political concern across industrial and public sectors.

Prudence provides a flexible education in S&T by offering various programmes and courses to enable students to gain knowledge and cope with the national and global challenges by combining different concerns and strategies while  accommodating the notion of life-long learning.

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