Microsoft Visual C# is the most versatile, cross-platform programming language in the world. C# can be used to write almost any type of software including console apps, back end services, mobile apps including iOS and Android, windows apps, and Websites, Enterprise software, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud applications.

The C# language is one of the fastest evolving
programming languages. C# is easy to learn and adapt. C# also has strong support within the community, as well as support from the most valuable company in the world, Microsoft.

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.Net Programming Key Facts

Course duration

10 weeks 

Entry level

Open to all (Irish NFQ Level 5) and intermediate level professionals (Irish NFQ Level 6)

Lesson duration

2 hours lectures and 1-hour assignment per week

Course size

10 students In-classroom and 25 in a Virtual Classroom.

Course Timetable

Sunday Morning and Thursday Evening

Course fee

NFQ Level 5: Virtual Classroom: €770 and In-Classroom: €1,100

NFQ Level 6: Virtual Classroom: €970 and In-Classroom: €1,300       

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.Net Programming Modules

  • Overview of Visual C# Programming
  • C# Applications, Classes and Objects,
  • Control Statements
  • Methods, Arrays
  • LINQ , Entity Framework and Generic Collections
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces & Operator Overloading
  • Exception Handling
  • Introduction to Web Development MVC technique
  • Model View and Controller
  • Thread and Asynchronous Programming
  • Introduction to SQL Server
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