To Apply for our courses at Prudence College Dublin, please fill in the form below with your contact information:

I understand that this application is for college admission for the course and the term indicated. I agree that I am bound by the College’s rules and regulations regarding application deadlines, admission requirements and any relevant thereof, and also releasing any certificates/diplomas and transcripts/test scores, as well as information on immigration and academic requirements administered by Irish Government and/or EU, where applicable, to this institution. I certify that the information provided above is complete and accurate, and understand that making false or fraudulent statements within this application or residency statement will result in disciplinary action, denial of admission and invalidation of credits, certificates or degrees earned. If admitted, I agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of the College. Should any information change prior to my entry into the College, I will notify the same to the Office of Admissions. I understand that the application fee I paid with this application is non-refundable and I agree with the refund policy of the College in place.

Pay fees:

Application for adimission can be submitted separately. However, administration and any other relevant fees can be paid either immediately after submitting the application or later to complete the registration/enrolment processes. Either option can be used to pay the administration and tuition fees (see the fees structure):

Bank Transfer (SEPA) or Global Pay (Transfermate)