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Prudence aims to develop and adopt Blended Learning Plus (BLPlus) models in teaching and course design to nurture and produce competent and resourceful professionals of global excellence with strong sense of ethical values, ready to adjust to the educational arena, countries with different languages & cultures, and rapidly changing environment of advanced business systems, information and scientific technologies.

Lifelong learning is a continual process and that whether it’s for personal use or professional development, short courses can benefit an individual in her/his busy schedule. Our easy commutable location in the heart of South-West Dublin will help each student either living or working in or outside of Dublin (national) or from abroad (EU/international) to get it done. If you intend to learn the courses we offer to fill the gaps in your education, develop skills and/or come back to College - we have a part-time, flexible Learning and Professional Development courses for you.

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the globally recognized membership body for professional Accountants. It has adopted global standards to offer business-relevant, first-cho

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