This course is designed to improve students’ overall level of English and to develop the skills they need to communicate efficiently while travelling, working or in everyday life. Lessons maximise communication by allowing students to practise using English fluently from the very first day of the course.

A task-based approach to instruction helps build on the students’ confidence to deal with real-life situations with ease. The syllabus includes a selection of up to date and relevant topics that engages and motivates learners. With dynamic activities, expert guidance and continuous feedback, students make rapid and steady progress.

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Course duration

60 hours 

Entry level

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Lesson duration

3 hours per lecture.

Course size

10 students In-classroom and 25 in a Virtual Classroom.

Course Timetable

• Standard course: Monday to Friday morning or evening,
• Intensive course: Monday to Friday morning and afternoon
• Weekend course: Weekends morning

Course fee

4 weeks. (Morning) : 550 €

4 weeks.(Evening) : 550 €

2 weeks.(intensive) : 600 €

10 weeks. (Weekend) : 600 €

Course Modules

• understanding written language input dealing with a variety of contemporary  topics.
• scanning quickly through texts and locating relevant details.
• skimming texts and identifying main points.

• understanding discussions on familiar topics and identifying speaker
• understanding oral language input and locating specific information.
• following speech and identifying the gist of a conversation.

• presenting descriptions on a variety of familiar topics
• engaging in conversation and taking an active part in a discussion on
familiar topics.
• formulating ideas and opinions.

• writing descriptions of events successively.
• selecting a style appropriate to the reader in mind.
• putting together viewpoints in a coherent manner.

Along with integrated-skills activities, students will also be provided with
appropriate tasks focused on improving their grammar, pronunciation,
and lexis. The course includes:

• grammar lessons with increased scaffolding and extensive prac-
tise on the target language.

• lessons aimed at broadening students’ vocabulary range with
practise on lexical sets, collocations, and functional phrases.

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