Application for enrollment can be submitted separately. However, the administration/processing fees (strictly non-refundable) must be paid (50% off for online submission), either along with an application or later, to proceed with the registration/enrollment processes to complete.

Applicants should also pay ‘insurance premium and examination fee’, where applicable, before the final offer of placement to be made by the admissions office and abide by the refund policies of the providers. Please follow the secure payment instructions given by the admissions office.

Course Fee Structure

All courses have different duration and fees. Please go to the individual course(s) to choose, take the ID/reference number and contact Prudence’s Admissions Office ( for further information on fees and availability of a seat (either for virtual classroom or in-classroom) and the course(s)

Additional Fee CategoriesFees
Application Course Registration45
Course Book35
Medical Insurance120
Accomodation Administration Fee50
Airport Transfer on Arrival65
IELTS Examination Fee200
1 to 1 Individual Classes (1hour)45
1 to 1 Individual Classes (10 hours)400
1 to 2 Individual Classes (1 hour)30
1 to 2 Individual Classes (10 Hours)250
Accommodation Prices Available Request0