Blockchain for Everyone

Globally, Blockchain (BC) development skills rank in the top three job
openings with predicted growth of 517% over time (Computerworld).
It is the next wave of technology innovation that will underpin almost every
industry. This course is specifically designed for people from all sectors
such as Finance, Fashion, Food, Telecom and Automation.
Importantly, IDA Ireland has been promoting ‘Ireland’ as the major EU Hub
for Blockchain. Based on the enormous technological significance and the
application across sectors,

Prudence is for the first time in Ireland, introducing ‘Blockchain for Every-one’, to facilitate learners without prior knowledge to become proficient in this specialised industry area.

Course Blockchain

Course duration

10 weeks (20 hours taught, 10 hours assignments; 60 hours self-directed learning, and 30 hours final project).

Entry level

Open to all professionals (employees of privateand commercial semi-state organisations) and post-
leaving certificate students. Open to all.

Lesson duration

2 hours lecture + 1 hour assignment per week.

Course size

10 students In-classroom and 25 in a Virtual Classroom.

Course Timetable

Saturday Morning and Wednesday

Course fee

€1200 (Early Bird Registration 20% off).

Learning outcomes

• Gain strong foundation on Distributed Ledger Technology i.e. Block-chain.

• Identification of application areas.• Learn where Blockchain Technology can be applied.

• Build your path to becoming a Blockchain Developer.

• Advance knowledge and skills in understanding of Smart Contracts.