Machine Learning with Python

A well-designed Machine Learning with Python course for novice level to step into the world of computing. Machine learning with Python course is mainly focused on applying logical thinking skills to solve computational problems.Machine learning with Python also gives you a deep understanding of object-oriented programming terminologies and conventions. Finally, you will be able to understand machine learning techniques by applying data handling and visuali

Blockchain for Everyone

Course Blockchain development skills rank in the top three job openings with a predicted growth of 517% over time (Computerworld). It is the next wave of technology innovation that will underpin almost every industry.The course blockchain is specifically designed for people from all sectors such as Finance, Fashion, Food, Telecom, and Automation. Importantly, IDA Ireland has been promoting ‘Ireland’ as the major EU Hub for Blockchain.  Downloa

.NET Programming for Everyone

Microsoft Visual C# is the most versatile, cross-platform programming language in the world. C# can be used to write almost any type of software including console apps, back end services, mobile apps including iOS and Android, windows apps, and Websites, Enterprise software, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud applications.The C# language is one of the fastest evolvingprogramming languages. C# is easy to learn and adapt. C# also has strong suppo