Prudence College Dublin (PCD) is a private academic institute registered in Ireland – An initiative of Green Sustainability International Ltd. The college firmly recognizes education systems that are conducive to wisdom and innovation to bring brilliant success to its students.

It consists of four schools:

It is committed to deliver world-class professional and academic programmes and courses using both Virtual  (Interactive – Real-Time –  Distance Learning) and Traditional  (Face-to-Face)  classroom methodologies to facilitate teaching and learning. The college has four academic terms/sessions: Spring, Summer, Summer+ and Autumn with classes commencing in January, April, July and September, respectively.

PCD also offers online courses through its online platform.

The vision of PCD is to get recognition as an academic center of excellence in higher education of Europe by attracting brilliant and deserving students from home and abroad; and providing advanced education and training to satisfy present and the future global needs.

Prudence College Dublin – Facilities

Prudence College Dublin has all facilities that a college can provide. We cater to students with a 24/7 online library, virtual and E-course materials, and access to computer lab during college hours. We are located  in the heart of South-West Dublin so you can literally commute from any place of your choice by Car, Bus, Luas and Train and vice-versa.

Students will be accommodated in a small classroom (both Virtual and Face-to-Face) with international atmosphere and friendly environment. Our office staff will help you with any queries/questions you might have.

Prudence College